Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bishop fears people’s money would be spent on reproductive scheme

MANILA, October 4, 2008—Antipolo Auxiliary Bishop Francisco M. de Leon expressed fears taxes derived from the Filipinos, most of whom are Catholics, would be spent to implement the Reproductive Health programs should the controversial bill gets enough votes to be enacted. 

Speaking over Catholic-run Veritas 846 Friday morning, Bishop de Leon said there’s even a possibility the government would introduce new tax measures to fund their controversial program.

“I recall during my college days when they introduced Entertainment tax from every moviegoer to finance flood control programs yet the floods remained,” the 61-year old prelate said. 

He added the government may improve its collection strategies but would still be short of their target due to graft and corrupt practices. 

“The people can no longer afford more taxes,” he quipped.

The prelate said it is Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes who talks with legislators from Rizal province and Marikina City to gather more support in opposing the Lagman bill now subject of plenary debates.

“We will know when the voting comes but I appeal to them to think of the country’s future,” he said. 

The prelate said Singapore is having a hard time to increase their population growth rate after their successful birth control program some decades ago. He said the Philippines stands to gain from Singapore because most of their workers today come from other countries most of whom come from the Philippines.

He added the Philippine cannot afford to employ foreign workers should we reduce the current population growth. (Melo M. Acuña)