Monday, October 27, 2008


San Pablo City, Laguna/October 27, 2008The Movement for Good Governance was launched here today by a group of Filipinos most of whom were veteran street parliaments of the 80’s.

In a press conference held at Max’s Restaurant along Maharlika Hiway, Brgy. San Francisco, Mrs. Celia Conducto-Lopez, a businesswoman from this city and the national coordinator of the Movement said “Good governance leads to good management in the delivery of basic social services.”

Aside from Lopez, others who belong to the movement’s convenor group and acting as coordinators are Philip Araneta of Batangas; Roy Cervantes for Region 5; Rey Lacunas for Albay; Abner Lim for Quezon; Atty. Alvin Arevalo for Region 4B; Atty. Gil Sotto for Laguna; Bro. Criz Bagsic for Religious group; Evangeline Mendoza, deputy national coordinator of UNORKA (Ugnayan ng mga Nagsasariling Organisasyon sa Kanayunan) for People’s Organization; and Tom Meneses , spokesman for the Movement.
Also present as convenors include Mr. Eve Jalos of UNORKA member.
“Good governance also means good stewardship of public money and good public engagement which ultimately results to good outcomes for all the stakeholders,” said Lopez.

According to Lopez, the Filipinos has to act now saying in vernacular, “Dapat makialam ka na!”

“For more than twenty years after Edsa I, we’ve been dreaming for a good governance. But all we got is unstoppable graft and corruption by the men and women we call mga utusan ng bayan in almost all government offices,” Lopez said.

“Bad governance is being increasingly regarded as one of the root causes of all evil within our societies,” Lopez added.

Lopez said, good governance in some cities of the country are no longer a dream. She cited some of the few local government executives she believes practices good governance in their area-Fr. Ed Panlilio, governor of Pampanga and Grace Padaca of Nueva Ecija
Future plans activities of the Movement includes holding of seminars and forums advocating good governance to different schools, colleges and universities.

Meanwhile, TAMA NA! SOBRA NA! MAKIALAM KA NA! according to MGG serves as the battlecry of the Movement for Good Governance during the press conference on its launching here.

Lopez said , the Filipinos have been wanting for the realization of good governance in the country after Edsa I.

" Good governance leads to good management in the delivery of basic social services . It’s the under priviledge who needs to be cared by the government because the haves can take care of themselves,” Lopez said.
The convenor group encouraged the media present on the said event to join the Movement since , The voices of the Filipino people must be heard-Yes to good governance! No corruption!”

Romulo Ponte