Sunday, September 14, 2008

ABC News: Pharmacist stops selling all contraceptives in his pharmacy

The Administration of this site received a letter concerning the vide and a site of a Pharmacist who stop selling all contraceptives in his pharmacy in U.S.. The Administration wishes to share with you the content of the letter. Here is the letter :
My name is Mike Koelzer and I am the owner of Kay Pharmacy in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I thought you might be interested in seeing the recent coverage on ABC's World News with Charles Gibson of our pharmacy's policy to not sell contraceptives. You will find the link to the ABC video

Ours is a very important story on the abortifacient properties of birth control pills and why we no longer carry them in our third-generation, family-owned pharmacy.

I am available at anytime for an interview. My email is I promptly respond to all emails. I am also available at 616-901-8445.

Thank you for your consideration.


Mike Koelzer, R.Ph.
National speaker/Founder